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About Legal Claim Assistant

Legal Claim Assistant, spanning the Netherlands and the USA. Is a team deeply specialized in providing high quality retained cases for all of our legal clients. Our proficiency shines in mass torts and class actions, where we ensure law firms receive only the most relevant, high-intent leads. Simultaneously, we assist publishers in effectively monetizing their legal content. Our expertise lies not just in lead generation but in refining this process to maximize ROI for law firms and boost revenue for publishers. Our international presence enriches our understanding of diverse legal markets, enhancing our service to clients across these regions.

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Strategic Case Selection Process

We identify the most promising mass tort opportunities in areas like Camp Lejeune, Roundup, Firefighter Foam, Talcum Powder, Paraquat, Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Hair Relaxer. We focus on cases with high potential for success, ensuring optimal outcomes for both our lead buyers and clients.

Seek Justice for
Camp Lejeune Victims

Fighting for Camp Lejeune water contamination victims, our skilled attorneys aim to secure the compensation you deserve.

Harmed at Camp Lejeune? Contact us for legal support and compensation.

Seek Justice for
Roundup Exposure

Supporting Roundup herbicide victims, our lawyers are dedicated to securing your rightful compensation, leveraging our tort expertise.

Injured by Roundup? We're here to help with legal counsel and compensation.

Fight for Firefighter Foam Accountability

Championing firefighters affected by AFFF, we pursue justice and rightful compensation with our expertise in toxic exposure litigation.

Affected by Firefighter Foam? Contact us for legal assistance and compensation.

Talcum Powder
Litigation Support

Defending those impacted by Talcum Powder, we strive for rightful compensation, armed with our deep understanding of product liability cases.

Impacted by Talcum Powder? Reach out for expert legal help and compensation.

Seek Justice for
Paraquat Cases

Assisting victims of Paraquat exposure, our legal team focuses on achieving justice and fair compensation in complex environmental cases.

Exposed to Paraquat? Contact us for legal support and rightful compensation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Championing those unjustly affected in motor vehicle accidents, we're dedicated to securing your rightful compensation for injuries and damages.

Recently in a vehicle accident and not at fault? Act now for legal support.

Seek Justice for
Hair Relaxer products

Supporting individuals affected by Hair Relaxer products, our approach combines care with our experience in personal injury and product liability.

Harmed by Hair Relaxer? Connect with us for legal support and compensation.

Our Amazing Team

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Who is Legal Claim Assistant?

Legal Claim Assistant, is a full service legal marketing agency working with law firms nationwide. Over the past 6 years, our expertise has been sharply honed in generating high-quality mass tort cases. Our commitment is not just in quantity, but in the caliber of cases we bring to our clients. Our mission is to find a personalize solution that caters to our law firms and their specific demands.

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To Generate New Clients.