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Legal Claim Assistant

is your #1 partner in Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuit Case Acquisition!

We are experts in generating Mass Tort and Class Action Lawsuit Cases for law firms nationwide. Our platform and team ensures your firm will find the right cases, quickly! Boost your practice’s performance now!

How does Legal Claim Assistant work?

Legal Claim Assistant, expertly connects individuals with top law firms nationwide, ensuring personalized legal solutions for every case. Our dual focus on quality for clients and precise matches for law firms sets us apart in delivering justice.

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Unlock the full potential of legal support with Legal Claim Assistant — Where expertise meets your legal needs seamlessly.

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Questionable Compliance

Delayed Intake

Mandatory Court Appearance

Limited Coverage

Paid Case Evaluations

Limited Case Variety

Confusing Processes

Legal Claim Assistant
Fully Compliant

Speedy, Professional Intake

Court-Free Resolution

Nationwide Coverage

5-Minute Free Case Review

Diverse Expertise

Step-by-Step Guidance

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Strategic Case Selection Process

We specialize in identifying and pursuing the most promising mass tort cases and class action lawsuit cases. We focus on cases with high potential for success, ensuring optimal outcomes for both our lead buyers and clients.

Camp Lejeune

Fighting for Camp Lejeune water contamination victims, our skilled attorneys aim to secure the compensation you deserve.


Assisting victims of Paraquat exposure, our legal team focuses on achieving justice and fair compensation in complex environmental cases.


Supporting Roundup herbicide victims, our lawyers are dedicated to securing your rightful compensation, leveraging our tort expertise.

Talcum Powder

Defending those impacted by Talcum Powder, we strive for rightful compensation, armed with our deep understanding of product liability cases.

Firefighter Foam

Championing firefighters affected by AFFF, we pursue justice and rightful compensation with our expertise in toxic exposure litigation.


Championing those unjustly affected in motor vehicle accidents, we're dedicated to securing your rightful compensation for injuries and damages.

Over 1000 Clients Served Monthly:
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Share the details of your legal situation with us through a secure and confidential form.

Review & Analysis

Our team will carefully review your case to understand how best we can assist you.

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We connect you with a skilled attorney from our nationwide network who specializes in your type of case.

Take Action

Your selected attorney will guide you through the legal process, aiming for the best possible outcome.

12 Years of experience

Those Who Make It Happen

Legal Strategists

With years of experience, they ensure every case is meticulously evaluated and matched with the right attorney.

Client Advocates

Our compassionate advocates are here to listen to your story and support you through every step.

Partner Attorneys

Nationally recognized and deeply committed, our partner attorneys are the champions of your legal battle.

Support Staff

From the first click to the final resolution, our support staff provides the seamless service you deserve.

We can work under any pricing model!

At, we understand that every client has unique financial considerations and budget constraints. That's why we've designed our pricing models to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Whether you're a small startup, a growing law firm, or a well-established institution, we have a plan that fits your budget and meets your needs.

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We harness diverse traffic sources including Google, Facebook, YouTube, as well as targeted SMS and email campaigns to engage a broad audience.






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